CLINIC 2 COUCH ~ Anti-aging at Home​​​​​​​

Project: Clinic 2 Couch Brand Identity & Marketing Assets

Client: Clinic 2 Couch

The Brief: Create brand identity and marketing assets for an online store that provides clinic quality treatments from the comfort of your couch.

Key Challenge: LED light therapy masks can appear a little scary! So our goal was to remove this fear from the minds of the consumer by creating a light, airy identity paired with imagery and motion graphics that hero the ‘Science of Skincare’ in an approachable way.

Inspired by the seamless transition ‘from clinic to couch’, the logo (and brand mark) comes to life through a ‘C’ made from a continuous line. This paired with simple, clean typography creates an ownable, elegant mark with meaning.

Key visuals hero the ‘Science of Skincare’. We used a juxtaposition of science inspired geometry, smooth curves and natural colours and shadows create the perfect balance of relaxation and expertise.

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